funky rhythm train


Meagan has been singing and performing across a wide range of genres from Musical Theatre to Progressive Rock Bands for as long as she can remember. As an Instrumental Music Teacher, she gets to pass on her talent and experience in music and singing to her students, and remains passionate and excited by singing and performing where and whenever possible! She also performs in the folk/rock acoustic duo 'Transcribed' with her husband and fellow band member Peter.
As the lead singer of Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train, she just loves playing gigs and dancing with the boys, and living out her dream of becoming the next Suzi De Marchi!

One of the two remaining band members from the original Liam Blunts line up, Michael has played bass, keyboards and guitar in various cover bands in South Australia and Victoria since the age of 16. Michael is a hugely accomplished musician in his own right, sharing his skills by teaching the next generation of musicians both through School Instrumental Music Programs and privately. Michaels multi instrumental talents, and awesome vocal harmonies, are a great part of the Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train sound, and a interest to watch him juggle with great skill and finesse during some song performances!

Ian is the other remaining original band member of Liam Blunts and was also the original guitarist for local jazz/fusion band 'Subito' and has played professionally since the age of 15. He is also a music teacher at the local TAFE, and between his classic guitar licks and dry sense of humour, he also tries his hand at singing and always keeps the band rockin' along! He also shares a love affair for Paul Reed Smith, and enjoys comparisons and 'mines better than yours conversations' with the bands newest guitarist.

We suspect Peter is the love child of Guthrie Govan and a Vulcan, Peter likes nothing more than dancing kindly and dueling ferociously on guitar with Ian.
A highly accomplished musician, Peter is also a High School Music Teacher both in classroom and privately. He was one of the founding members with our drummer Tim, of the local band Rambunctious, and has played guitar for many other bands across a wide range of genres and Australian states! He is currently the guitarist in the local acoustic duo 'Transcribed' with his wife and Liam Blunt vocalist Meagan. Used to not being able to get a word in, he keeps quiet and lets his PRS do the talking!

Tim is a talented drummer and saxophonist, and also teachers High School music and takes students privately, making parents hate him since the 90's ('Mum & Dad, I want to learn the Drums!!!!') .
He was also one of the founding members of the local band Rambunctious with our new guitarist Peter, and also has played with too many bands across a range of genres to mention! He doesn't throw his saxiness around with Liam Blunts (we're working on him!), but you can be assured that his skills on the skins are ones to be in awe of, and he always makes sure with his input, we all run a tight unit!

The band draws influences from most styles of music and bands. Our repertoire includes classic rock songs, jazz, crowd favourites, great Aussie hits and more recent songs from the charts.

As far as blues influences go, Aussie artists include the Bondi Cigars, Harper and Jeff Lang. 

The band essentially performs songs that have a pulse and they enjoy creating original arrangements with new grooves of classic blues tunes and more!!

LiamBlunts Funky Rhythm Train is always adding to their repertoire, and can also learn songs that you may want involved at your event or special day i.e.: wedding dance songs etc.



Maren started playing Alto Sax in 1995 in high school and played in the school concert band, stage band and funk band until finishing year 12.

She then moved onto playing with the Bendigo Big Band throughout her years at University.

Maren has also been involved with the local band 'Jazzaratta' and the 'Boweya Blues Revival' band.

Maren comes from a musical family and has taught primary school music around her full time job as a busy mum of 3 children.

Once featured bin the cover of North East Tourist News Magazine, Maren big claim to fame is supporting the famous James Morrison as part of his band - but we like to think the fact she has been a part of Liam Blunts since 2018 outweighs that ten fold. Always smiling, Maren flawless dance moves on stage almost exceed her awesome sax playing!


As a youngster Ben learnt to play cornet in the Bairnsdale Citizen’s Brass Band. From high school onwards the world of music beckoned – since then Ben has played in ska bands, jazz bands and even a carnival band in Auckland where he got to dress up on various occasions as a frog, a wizard and a kiwi fruit. Jazz has been a strong influence of Ben’s with Miles Davis, Clifford Brown & Wynton Marsalis being favourites. Ben has really enjoyed his time with Liam Blunts so far, where he gets to add some tasty horn lines to pop & rock songs, dance along on-stage & play some great jazz standards. Liam Blunts is honoured to have Ben and his high standard of musicianship on board, and the fact he's always up for a dress up is the icing on the cake!


Brigid  began learning classical flute at the age of 7 after being previously  inspired by ´Humpry B. Bear goes to the orchestra‘ at age 3. At age 15 she picked up the tenor saxophone belonging to her brother when a high school band asked, what else can you play? Brigid played in numerous bands throughout her teen years, travelling to Europe twice to play at music festivals including the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland. She has a strong interest in jazz and funk, while also continuing to unwind by playing classical music. In her spare time Brigid enjoys attending German beer festivals and dressing up as Mitzi the mountain milk maid!


A fifth generation Wangaratta lad, Glenn's grandfather was the original Wangaratta sound man “Ron Ellis.“  Following in his older brother Kevin's footsteps, he started getting lessons at the Wangaratta Tech College while in grade 5 as they needed a trombone player in the school band.  He played with the Wangaratta City Brass Band with his father and brother and marched in many ANZAC parades.  Glenn was selected to play with the original Moomba Band, who was under the batton of a naval commander.  Thinking it was a pretty good gig , he decided to join the Royal Australian Navy band at the early age of 16 . After touring both nationally and overseas, Glenn then took a slight detour cutting hair in San Diego, California, which became his home for the next 30 years . With a desire to simplify life, he returned back to North East Victoria in 2010 and opened Wangaratta Barbers.  Having played with numerous bands in the area, and members of Liam Blunt , he is thrilled to be part of the horns in this vibrant group.