funky rhythm train


Hailing from North East Victoria, Australia the combined talents and experience of the members of Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train are many and varied.

Each member brings their own special magic to the overall sound created and all love a good time, performing and of course GREAT MUSIC! Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train always ensures a fun and exciting atmosphere for their audiences!

Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train perform everything from Aussie Rock classics, to Funky Soul and Blues, Pop, Top 40, Jazz and everything in between! The band also writes and performs some originals when the stars are aligned and the time is right!

The band is not for the faint-hearted, but if you love great music, great times and lots of dancing, you’re going to love Liam Blunts!

All the band members provide a dynamic combination of rhythm and blues, funk, soul, rock and and stunning good looks - and if they play it, you can be guaranteed it’s got a pulse! There is no sad, sorrowful ballads from this outfit, which makes having the blues a joyful experience.

Liam Blunt's Funky Rhythm Train has the advantage over an act that uses backing tracks, (such as some duo acts), by being 100% LIVE and creating the greatest possible experience for audiences. We also compete with smaller acts by being 

the most reasonably priced band of professional musicians you can hire. And remember, it's all live, there is no button pushing pre-recorded backing tracks from this act!

As professional musicians we also understand that appropriate volume levels are essential for each event. We can provide the dinner set of music you may require and then turn it up to get everyone on the dance floor. 

As far as physical space goes we require an area of about 9m wide by 3m deep, so yes we take up a little more room than a two piece outfit with automatic machines. However, for outdoor events we can provide our own 6m x 3m marquee as cover from the sun. 

The band also has its own public liability insurance, so you can rest easy on that matter.

GET HORNIE !!!!!!!!

Liam Blunts welcomes to the team Ben Thomas (trumpet) Glenn Southgate (trombone)  Maren Hazel (Alto Saxophone) and Brigid O'Reilly (tenor saxophone & flute). 

That's an 9 piece band playing everything from rock & pop to jazz!

Now we offer the extra option of a Jazz Band -

Whether it's at welcome drinks, a dinner set or just to 'jazz things up' Liam Blunts now has you cover for all your event entertainment needs.